Tuesday, April 14, 2009

but amy teacher, we have PANDAS!

we were discussing dolphins the other day in class, and i told my students about how once in australia, a woman loved a dolphin so much that they were married. and i was talking about how i miss the ocean (being a teacher means you have a captive audience/counselor, right?) and whales (because they said that whales and dolphins are similar) and that living so far from the sea is difficult for me, when five of them immediately raised their hands and shouted "but amy teacher! we have pandas!" like they would save my soul and my ocean desires. so i decided to check out the pandas- in chengdu! <> apologies for the haphazard photos- i am working through proxy now, and it only works in html, which i have NO POWER over. they are from PANDA BASE, one of the leading panda research facilities in the world. china loves their pandas. and so do i.
 Hello PANDA PARK (otherwise known as pandabase)